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Information and Consultation

Our information and consultation services provide support for project developers. Our experts can guide them in the process of providing information and consultation services to owners, the general public, interest groups, governmental bodies and municipalities, monitoring committees, advocacy organizations, etc. These activities may include meetings, open house events, presentations, etc.

Groupe Conseil UDA is also able to assist the developer’s communications team to implement communication strategies such as newspaper ads, booths, open house days, mass mailings, informative documents, etc. This helps the general population and interest groups understand the project and its benefits as well as the mitigation measures that will be implemented to protect the environment.

Specific areas
of intervention

  • Development of communications tools (map, presentation, real-time geomatics visualization tool, etc.)
  • Public consultations
  • Project presentations
  • Technical experts
  • Meetings
  • Advisory service and support for communications services

of past

  • Information and Consultation
    Saint-Laurent Pipeline

    The Saint-Laurent Pipeline project involved building a 242-km pipeline between Lévis and Boucherville in order to connect the Jean-Gaulin Refinery and the Montreal East Valero Energy terminal. The pipeline crosses 4 administrative regions, 32 municipalities, 10 MRCs or equivalent territories, and 5 of the UPA’s regional federations. Services provided by Groupe Conseil UDA allowed citizens and interest groups to better understand the project and its benefits. Groupe Conseil UDA’s experts took part in open house events that included information booths presenting the project in a clear and accessible way. During these sessions, experts were able to explain the anticipated construction methods in detail as well as outline the potential impacts and mitigation and compensation measures.

    Services rendered

    • Drafted newspaper ads
    • Created various information tools
    • Mailed information
    • Took part in open house events
    • Produced informational documents
    Saint-Laurent Pipeline (Information and consultation)
  • Information and Consultation
    Energy East Pipeline

    The Energy East Pipeline was to be the largest pipeline in Canada, with a 4,600-km pipeline connecting Alberta to New Brunswick. In Quebec, the project included a 650-km pipeline, 10 pump stations, 2 delivery stations, 107 block valves, permanent access roads, as well as temporary installations and infrastructures. Groupe Conseil UDA’s advisory and informational services allowed citizens and interest groups to understand the benefits of the project, thereby increasing its social acceptability.

    Services rendered

    • Communications
    • To landowners
    • To the general public
    • To interest groups
    • To various governmental bodies
    • To a monitoring committee
    • To organizations and coalitions


    • Newspaper ads
    • Open house events
    • Booths
    • Direct mailings
    • Informational documents
    Energy East Pipeline (Information and consultation)
  • Information and Consultation
    Gazoduq Project

    The Gazoduq project aimed to build a new 780-km pipeline to transport natural gas between the TC Énergie network in Ontario and GNL Québec’s future liquified natural gas complex in Saguenay. Group Conseil UDA was hired to act as the project’s main environmental advisor. The main challenge was the project’s social acceptability. To this end, the Gazoduq team implemented an information and massive consultation campaign from the get-go adapted to various stakeholders. Groupe Conseil UDA took part in various sessions as an environmental expert.

    Services rendered

    • Created and reviewed various information tools (maps, didactic sheets, etc.)
    • Developed a dynamic, real-time map visualization tool
    • Took part in various consultation activities with municipalities, MRC, environmental groups and organizations, First Nations communities, and the general public
    • Took part in numerous meetings with regulatory authorities
    Projet Gazoduq (Information and consultation)
  • Information and Consultation
    Ferme Landrynoise

    La Ferme Landrynoise is a family-run dairy farm that has played an important role in the community in Saint-Albert since its foundation in 1964. The company wanted to increase the number of its cattle to boost its dairy production. This investment would be used to ensure the growth and sustainability of the farm. The project would also enable the farm to pursue its growth while remaining a competitive leader in the Canadian dairy market. It is highly recommended that any architect of a project submitted to evaluation procedures and environmental impact assessments carries out information and consultation activities with the community. Groupe Conseil UDA supported the farm to organize, prepare, and carry out an information session.

    Services rendered

    • Prepared tools (presentation and maps) presenting the project
    • Prepared a questionnaire for participants to collect their comments and concerns
    • Drafted an invitation letter for the information session which was published in a local newspaper
    • Hosted the information session
    Ferme Landrynoise (Information and consultation)

Contributing to the success of your projects

Assistance – Permits and Authorizations

In order to help you obtain your permits and authorizations in an efficient manner with respect to the natural environments where the project will take place, Groupe Conseil UDA is able to leverage its 40 years of experience and provide you with support, guidance, and a turnkey service.

As an expert in the industry, Groupe Conseil UDA is able to support you in the process of approaching various decision-making bodies. We are also able to provide any on-site services required, all with the goal of minimizing undue delays and maximizing your chances of success.

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