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Greatly contributing to the success of Quebec’s development projects while ensuring respect to the environment and compliance with regulations in force.

The mission of Groupe Conseil UDA is to assist, guide, and support clients in their development projects by helping them obtain the required environmental permits and authorizations as expeditiously as possible. We provide clients with our thorough expertise of the regulatory processes related to permit and authorization applications as well as an exhaustive range of related services.

Ours is a multidisciplinary team with more than 40 years of experience. We can obtain the required environmental permits and authorizations in a timely manner.

Groupe Conseil UDA is also committed to contributing to the success of its clients’ development projects with respect to the environment and to providing environmental, agricultural, and forestry expertise. We thoroughly understand the processes related to authorization applications thanks to an in-depth knowledge of these sectors of activity.

A multidisciplinary
team with a broad expertise

Groupe Conseil UDA is a multidisciplinary team. During the permit and authorization application phase of a project, they can provide services requiring environmental, agricultural, and forestry expertise. Our team of agricultural engineers, agronomists, forestry engineers, and biologists are assisted by a technical staff that includes agricultural technologists, forestry technicians, and wildlife technicians. All our experts are supported by experienced professionals in geomatics and first-rate administrative personnel.

In line with the mandate’s needs, Groupe Conseil UDA can count on numerous specialized collaborators to ensure every aspect of the project is carried out in compliance with the client’s specific needs.

Pooling our efforts to forge a sustainable future where integrity, attentiveness and respect steer every endeavour, nurturing the growth of our communities.


Fuelled by our relentless drive for advancement and the pursuit of both individual and collective excellence, we strive to be the benchmark for our customers and talented individuals. Our dedication, innovation, open-mindedness, and unparalleled expertise are the cornerstones of our commitment.

  • HUMANAuthenticity, Proximity, and Empathy Our authenticity is reflected in the sincerity and transparency of our relationships. Kindness, of course, is pivotal here, as it implies viewing things from the others’ perspective to truly grasp their needs and provide support. In essence, being 'Human' means engaging with others in an authentic, personal, and empathetic manner.
  • RESPECTAttentiveness, Fairness Attentively engaging, respecting opinions, and treating others fairly reflect an attitude of consideration and appreciation in interpersonal relationships.
  • INTEGRITYAccountability, Rigour, Excellence Our integrity is defined by accountability, rigour, and excellence in our actions and decisions. This is demonstrated through honest and responsible behaviour, adherence to ethical standards, and a commitment to delivering quality and performance.
  • COMMITTEDPassion, Enthusiasm, Innovation and Agility Being 'committed' means being passionate, tackling challenges as a team with enthusiasm, and fostering creativity to find solutions. It involves fully investing in actions to continually progress and swiftly adapt to an ever-changing environment.
More than 40 years of experience,
success, and history

With more than 40 years of experience and more than 4,000 mandates of all sizes accomplished for a multitude of clients, Groupe Conseil UDA benefits from advanced expertise and a renowned multidisciplinary team. The extent of the knowledge it has acquired over the past four decades and the efficiency of its team throughout every stage of a project means our clients enjoy a high level of success for obtaining the permits and authorizations they need.

  • 1978
    Urgel Delisle creates the company

    Urgel Delisle et Associés was founded in 1978 by Urgel Delisle, an engineer and agronomist who wanted to provide clients with a variety of services. At a time when advisory services in agriculture, forestry, and environment were hard to come by, the company quickly earned a solid reputation for the quality and abilities of its team.

  • 2003
    Groupe Conseil UDA evolves

    In 2003, Réjean Racine, Claude Veilleux, and Michel S. Cournoyer, all long-term employees, engineers, and agronomists, acquired the company and changed the name to Groupe Conseil UDA. UDA is a nod to the organization’s original name.

  • 2021
    New leadership at Groupe Conseil UDA

    Jean-François Poirier and Frédéric Fulham took over the reins at Groupe Conseil UDA in 2021. As it celebrated 40 years of success, the company also redesigned its brand image and reaffirmed its commitment to supporting clients in their projects with respect to the natural environment. Clients can count on an experienced multidisciplinary team to obtain the environmental permits and authorizations required to carry out their projects. Groupe Conseil UDA continues to deliver on time and in compliance with regulations set forth by environmental authorities.


Contributing to the success of your projects

Assistance – Permits and Authorizations

In order to help you obtain your permits and authorizations in an efficient manner with respect to the natural environments where the project will take place, Groupe Conseil UDA is able to leverage its 40 years of experience and provide you with support, guidance, and a turnkey service.

As an expert in the industry, Groupe Conseil UDA is able to support you in the process of approaching various decision-making bodies. We are also able to provide any on-site services required, all with the goal of minimizing undue delays and maximizing your chances of success.

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