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Groupe Conseil UDA has been offering myriad forestry services since 1980. These include evaluating trees and their condition, producing detailed inventories to estimate the volume of timber or potential for maple syrup production, analyzing the characteristics of a stand of trees, and recommending forest compensation projects. Groupe Conseil UDA’s team of engineers and forestry technicians have taken part in numerous projects for municipalities to support them in managing their lands. They have the technical expertise and forestry experience to help clients see their projects through.

Specific areas
of intervention

  • Urban forestry
  • Forest inventory
  • Detection of diseases and insects' presence
  • Assessment of trees
  • Prescription for silviculture treatment
  • Sugar bush plan
  • Development plan
  • Assessment of wooded areas' ecological value
  • Applications for permits and authorizations
  • Estimation of the volume of timber and evaluation of monetary compensation
  • Recommendation of mitigation measures and elaboration of compensation projects (planting, protection zone, development, etc.)
  • Monitoring and follow-ups for silviculture work
  • Inspection related to offences

of past

  • Forestry
    Saint-Laurent Pipeline

    The Saint-Laurent Pipeline project involved building a 242-km pipeline between Lévis and Boucherville in order to connect the Jean-Gaulin Refinery and the Montreal East Valero Energy terminal. The pipeline crosses 4 administrative regions, 32 municipalities, 10 MRCs or equivalent territories, and 5 of the UPA’s regional federations. Groupe Conseil UDA’s professional forestry services included producing detailed forestry inventories to describe the host environment, assessing the volume of lumber affected by the work, and monitoring the regeneration of trees transplanted.

    Services rendered

    • Carried out detailed forestry inventories (estimated volume of lumber)
    • Requested permits and authorizations
    • Developed a compensation program for the loss of wooded areas
    • Monitored transplantation activities
    • Monitored the regeneration of forest stands in temporary construction zones
    • Monitored the vitality of compensatory plantings
    • Monitored the vitality of transplanted trees
    Saint-Laurent Pipeline (Forestry)
  • Forestry
    Tree inventory on Île Saint-Hélène

    In 2018, the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau mandated Groupe Conseil UDA to carry out an inventory of all the trees on Île Sainte-Hélène. More than 17,000 trees were assessed in three months and categorized according to their characteristics and condition. The goal was to identify dying trees and recommend a management plan to the Société.

    Services rendered

    • Assessed more than 17,000 trees
    • Analyzed the characteristics of the trees
    • Assessed the condition of the trees
    • Provided information to the public during inventory activities
    • Created a management plan
    • Canvassed illegal logging activities
    • Prepared requests to get felling permits
    • Provided technical services upon request
    • Coordinated with City officials
    Tree inventory on Île Sainte-Hélène (Forestry)
  • Forestry
    Energy East Pipeline

    The Energy East Pipeline was to be the largest pipeline in Canada, with a 4,600-km pipeline connecting Alberta to New Brunswick. In Quebec, the project included a 650-km pipeline, 10 pump stations, 2 delivery stations, 107 block valves, permanent access roads, as well as temporary installations and infrastructures. The pipeline project was projected to cross forests, both on public and private lands. Groupe Conseil UDA was therefore mandated to carry out various forestry inventories.

    Services rendered

    • Carried out forestry inventories to characterize forest stands
    • Carried out forestry inventories to estimate the volume of lumber impacted and thereby determine monetary compensation to landowners
    • Assessed the ecological value of wooded areas
    • Identified wooded areas of interest
    Energy East Pipeline (Forestry)
  • Forestry
    Centre de services scolaire de Saint-Hyacinthe

    Groupe Conseil UDA was mandated by the Commission scolaire de Saint-Hyacinthe to carry out a full inventory of the trees located on its property. The goal was to assess the health of the trees, provide recommendations (felling, pruning, phytosanitary treatments, etc.) and identify priorities. These forestry inventories were carried out for 51 institutions over a period of three years. Overall, more than 2,200 trees were evaluated.

    Services rendered

    • Inventoried all trees (location, type, height, diameter, general state, decay, presence of insects and/or diseases, etc.)
    • Identified remarkable trees and those that required monitoring
    • Issued recommendations (treatment for insects and/or diseases, felling, pruning, etc.)
    • Prioritized actions
    • Monitored the trees in order to confirm the recommendations
    Centre de services scolaire de Saint-Hyacinthe (Forestry)
  • Forestry
    MRC des Maskoutains

    The MRC des Maskoutains mandated Groupe Conseil UDA with producing forestry reports when tickets are issued for unauthorized logging. With each ticket issued by the MRC, Groupe Conseil UDA carries out a characterization of the deforested zones to determine the types of trees present before the illegal logging activity, assess the deforested areas, and determine the number of stems cut. The information collected is used to determine if the Règlement régional relatif à la protection des boisés has been breached.

    Services rendered

    • Carried out forestry inventories
    • Characterized forest stands
    • Estimated the number of stems cut
    • Produced a forestry report
    MRC des Maskoutains (Forestry)

Contributing to the success of your projects

Assistance – Permits and Authorizations

In order to help you obtain your permits and authorizations in an efficient manner with respect to the natural environments where the project will take place, Groupe Conseil UDA is able to leverage its 40 years of experience and provide you with support, guidance, and a turnkey service.

As an expert in the industry, Groupe Conseil UDA is able to support you in the process of approaching various decision-making bodies. We are also able to provide any on-site services required, all with the goal of minimizing undue delays and maximizing your chances of success.

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