The UDA team includes agronomists and agricultural technologists, which are involved in all projects requiring their expertise. Their knowledge of the agricultural environment and farming environment ensures that the activities realized by UDA on behalf of its clients receive all the credibility and respect of the stakeholders. This capability contributes to the fact that UDA is awarded “land agent” mandates to liaise between stakeholders (clients) and farmers or their representatives.


  • Fertilizing programs;
  • Soil sampling;
  • Interpretation of results;
  • Analyses;
  • Crop yield assessment;
  • Evaluation of crop losses;
  • Analyse of soil quality;
  • Agricultural valorization of fertilizing residuals and residues;
  • Agronomic reports;
  • Impacts assessment of projects on farm;
  • Regrouping of land parcels;
  • Land reclamation;
  • Recommendation for seeds and crops;
  • Analysis of agriculture dynamism;
  • Revegetation of degraded lands;
  • Land agent.

Typical projects : Agronomy


Valorization of Fertilizing Residuals (FR)

UDA carries out many projects in agricultural valorization of fertilizing residuals (municipal biosolids, industrial biosolids, etc.). UDA’s agronomists supervise the realisation of fertilisation and valorization programs for FR receiving parcels and monitor crops to ensure that activities are complying with the state of the art. First, these specialists perform a thorough characterization of the waste to be valorized and then check its compliance with standards. They participate to the obtaining of required permits and authorizations and ensure that all activities are carried out as specified.

Enhancement of Île-Bizard Agricultural Potential - City of Montreal

The mandate awarded to UDA by the City of Montreal consisted in updating the picture and agricultural potential of the lands suitable for cultivation on Île-Bizard. The anticipated activities required an in-depth and diversified expertise in suburban agronomy and agriculture. More specifically, the project included the following steps:

  • Update the agriculture picture on Île-Bizard;
  • Identify the pros and cons of agricultural development;
  • Present propositions and recommendations to promote agricultural development and enhancement of agricultural potential on Île-Bizard;
  • Identify priority areas for agricultural development as well as enhancement objectives.

Evaluation of Soil Conditions and Crop Yields

UDA executes mandates consisting in assessing the residual impacts of projects realized on agricultural lands, and in proposing corrective measures, if necessary. Typical required activities include: evaluation of crop yield on sites affected by projects and on nearby control parcels, economic appraisal, analysis of site physical characteristics (compaction, soil type, local topography, surface drainage, underground drainage system, soil fertility, etc.). These data together with onsite observations are used to propose corrective activities to ensure that lands recover their initial agricultural potential and capability once projects are completed.

Agronomic Reports

An agronomic analysis is often required when projects are presented to the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ). An agronomic report is then prepared, which includes the project particularities, an analysis of regional and local agricultural activities, the impacts of the project on local environment as well as proposed mitigation measures.

Highway 410: Impacts on Affected Farms

During the preparation works for Highway 410 extension, in Sherbrooke, the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) mandated UDA to perform an impact assessment on farms crossed by this highway. Firstly, UDA expressed agronomic opinions on the consequences of these infrastructures on farm operations and the risks associated with operation viability. In association with the farmers, specific measures were proposed to promote agricultural activities maintenance and permanence. Finally, identification of mitigation measures and evaluation of residual impacts were carried out and submitted to the client.

Agriculture Enhancement (Regional)

The MRC Marguerite-D’Youville, in association with the regional CLD, mandated UDA to conduct a preliminary study aiming at setting the basis for discussions between local stakeholders concerning the creation of a regional agriculture development and enhancement funds for the MRC Marguerite-D’Youville territory. This study required consultations with organizations (MAPAQ, clubs-conseils, UPA and others) leading to recommendations for the implementation of this funds (application framework, mission, management, fund constitution and permanence, projects funding, board of directors, master principles and development orientations).