Wind Energy

The wind energy industry has been a fast growing sector over the last years in Quebec. UDA is involved in this evolution and plays a major role in the development of wind energy projects in various regions, including obtaining permits and authorizations from several organizations (Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ), Ministry of Environment (MDDELCC), Municipalities, etc.) and agreements with landowners concerned by these projects (land agents).


  • Environmental impact assessment:

    - project notice;
    - fauna, flora, agricultural and forest inventories;
    - preparation of the impact assessment;
    - participation to public meetings;
    - follow up with governmental and municipal authorities;
    - requests for certificate of authorization and permits;
    - BAPE hearings;
    - surveillance of agricultural, environmental and forestry activities.

  • Request to the CPTAQ:

    - preparation of the request;
    - agricultural or agroforest expertise;
    - follow up with governmental and municipal authorities;
    - hearings.

  • Land agent:

    - preparation and update of landowners lists;
    - signatures of options and right-of-way agreements;
    - evaluation of damages and compensations;
    - data management and integration (GIS);
    - general and individual layouts.

Typical projects : Wind Energy


3Ci (Des Moulins Wind Farm Project)

The company 3Ci obtained a contract from Hydro-Quebec Distribution for energy production from wind energy. This project (Des Moulins Wind Farm Project) included the installation of 78 wind turbines. UDA was mandated to carry out the agroforest study submitted as part of the request to the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ). The wind farm is located in a maple grove area. In association with the promoter, appropriate measures were implemented to locate the windmills and access ways outside of wood stands favourable to the production of maple syrup in order to reduce any negative impacts on this production. UDA was also involved, as expert witness, in the hearings before Tribunal administratif du Québec (TAQ) for this project.

TransAlta (St. Valentin Wind Farm Project)

TransAlta’s wind farm project (St. Valentin Wind Farm Project) was aiming at producing 50 MW of wind energy with 25 wind turbines. As part of this project, UDA was responsible to prepare the agroforest expertises presented to the CPTAQ. These studies were specific to the impacts of the project on agriculture as well as surrounding agricultural environment and consisted in identifying mitigation measures to reduce the impacts on agriculture. UDA also acted as expert witness during public hearings held before the Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement (BAPE) for this project.

Kruger Energy Montérégie (Montérégie Wind Farm Project)

As part of Kruger Energy Montérégie’s (KEMONT) wind farm project, UDA was responsible for the preparation of the agroforestry expert report presented with the requests submitted to the CPTAQ. UDA also liaised with the landowners touched by the wind farm (44 wind turbines, approximately 100 landowners) and acted as expert witness during the BAPE hearings for this project.