Planning and Development of Agricultural Land

Agriculture, environment and forestry are the bases for agricultural land planning and development. For several years, UDA has been giving planners and decision-makers (MRC, Municipalities) the benefit of its expertise and extensive experience in elaborating or revising Regional Development Plan, agricultural zone development plans, interim control by-laws, and municipal regulation.


  • Agricultural, environmental and forest surveys;
  • Land characterization;
  • Land planning;
  • Consultation of stakeholders;
  • Development plan of agricultural zone.

Typical projects : Planning and Development of Agricultural Land


CLD and MRC Roussillon - Agricultural Zone Development Plan

Following the recommendations of the Commission sur l'avenir de l'agriculture et de l'agroalimentaire québécois (CAAAQ), the MAPAQ implemented eight pilot projects aiming at preparing development plans of the agricultural zone in some MRCs. In association with an urbanism firm, UDA prepared the plan for the Roussillon MRC (372 km2, 11 municipalities), which includes the master principles, the strategic directions, the objectives, the implementation requirements, the orientation as well as the monitoring of implementation and results.

Revision of the Regional Development Plan (MRC L'Assomption)

As part of the process for the adoption of a revised Regional Development Plan, UDA was mandated for all aspects associated with agriculture and forestry. The mandate, more specifically, consisted in participating to the discussions with Municipalities concerning the selection of areas for urban perimeter extension (residential, commercial and industrial), preparing the agricultural and forestry sections for the document supporting the exclusion requests submitted to the CPTAQ, and providing expert testimony during the hearings held by the CPTAQ and the TAQ.

Funds for Regional Agriculture Development and Enhancement - MRC and CLD Marguerite-D'Youville

The MRC Marguerite-D’Youville, in association with the regional CLD, mandated UDA to conduct a preliminary study aiming at setting the basis for discussions between local stakeholders concerning the creation of a regional agriculture development and enhancement funds for the MRC territory. This study required consultations with organizations (MAPAQ, clubs-conseils, UPA and others) leading to recommendations for the implementation of this funds (application framework, mission, management, fund constitution and permanence, projects financing, board of directors, master principles and development orientations).

Enhancement of Ïle-Bizard Agricultural Potential - City of Montreal

The mandate awarded to UDA by the City of Montreal can be summarized as follows:

  • Update the agricultural picture of Île-Bizard;
  • Identify the pros and constraints for agricultural development;
  • Present suggestions and recommendations to promote agricultural development and enhance the agricultural potential of Île-Bizard;
  • Identify development priority zones and enhancement objectives.