Agricultural Zoning

UDA carried out or participated in the realization of more than 1,000 projects (requests for authorization, exclusion, inclusion, subdivision, alienation) submitted to the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ) or to the Tribunal administratif du Québec (TAQ). These projects were required for the extension or implementation of urban perimeters, quarries, sand quarries, golf clubs, linear projects (pipelines, roads, highways, railways) and windmill projects, acknowledgment of acquired rights, implementation of public utilities (telecommunications, waste water treatment), subdivision of farms for land consolidation purposes, etc.


  • Preparation of the request or declaration;
  • Preparation of an agricultural or agroforest expertise:

    - presentation of the agricultural and forest data;
    - results of agricultural and forest inventories;
    - cartography (mapping) and drawings;
    - mitigation measures;
    - assessment of impacts on agriculture and forest;

  • Representations with relevant organizations (Municipalities, MRCs, UPA, etc.);
  • Expert-testimony during hearings (CPTAQ and TAQ).

Typical projects : Agricultural Zoning


Telecom Projects

Some telecom projects require the installation of equipment (towers, electrical power lines, access roads and others) within the agricultural zone. UDA has worked with several companies (Vidéotron, Bell, Cantel, Sogetel, and more) for the preparation and presentation of authorization requests submitted to the CPTAQ (more than 70 projects). UDA’s expertise allows the identification of sites of lesser impact on agriculture (while meeting the technical requirements and expected range objectives) and mitigation measures (if required) to reduce constraints on the surrounding agricultural environment.

Rock, Sand or Gravel Quarries

UDA has presented more than 40 implementation or extension projects of rock, sand or gravel quarries within the agricultural zone for Holcim (Canada) Inc., Graymont (Qc) Inc., Pavages Maska, and many others. The mineral resource can only be exploited where located and, often, this location is within an agricultural zone. Therefore, in association with concerned organizations (Municipalities, MRCs, UPA, etc.), UDA has all the expertise to identify the appropriate mitigation measures to reduce impacts of such projects on the agricultural environment. UDA also coordinates the communications between specialists (geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, biologists) and local agricultural representatives.

Linear Projects

UDA presented to the CPTAQ, or participated in the presentation, several linear projects (natural gas and oil pipelines, roads, railways, aqueducts, sewers, etc.) implemented within agricultural and forest areas by public utility companies, ministries and municipalities. These requests were required for new installation or extension projects as well as modification or maintenance projects on existing facilities. Its in-depth knowledge of the agricultural environment and of these types of projects enables UDA to propose routes of lesser impact while considering the constraints (technical, environmental, etc.) associated with such projects. The firm is also in a good position to recommend efficient mitigation measures (up to farm operation scale) that will reduce the impacts of the projects on agriculture, forestry and surrounding environment.

Urban Perimeter Extension

UDA participated in the presentation of more than 50 projects to the CPTAQ concerning the extension of municipal urban perimeters for industrial, commercial, residential, recreational and other purposes. As a member of multidisciplinary teams, UDA brings on its agricultural expertise, essential to the achievement of such projects, in order to address concerns of the local stakeholders without compromising the objectives of the requesters.